Company Spotlight first opened its doors to web surfers in 2002, at this time it was a woman’s network. Since then it has become a writing community for both men and women, connecting writers from around the world in one virtual space.

Today’s Woman is administrated by me, Shawn DesRochers and Steve Reichard. The community is made up of those looking to be published, hobby writers, published authors, and publishers themselves. has a full online forum with over 56 communities built inside of it. We have writing lessons, a full directory of links to literacy resources, famous poets, online book store, book reviews, and over 150 calls for submissions to help writers get published, plus many more features. Though the main focus of our community at one time was a poetry community, is now the online community for creative writing, fiction writing, story writing, poetry writing, writing contests, freelance writing, song writing and all other genes of writing. We have really opened our doors and broaden our selves to more than just poetry.

We have weekly writing contest that spark member’s creativity and we have a variety of writing lessons submitted by experience writers to help the beginning writer fulfill their dreams of publication. I feel that Todays-Woman is a wonderful learning resource for writers.

Todays-Woman also does personal interviews. We have interviewed such big names as artists Phil Roberts and Jonathon Earl Browser, Country singer Andrew Dean and Children’s author Robert Munsch.

Administrating Today’s Woman has been a wonderful experience for me. Not only have I made some wonderful friends, my online experience has brought me success.

Todays-Woman has become one of the most visited writing communities on the internet. Ranked 6/10 by Google and 198,925 in Alexa, we continue to be the primary resource for writers, receiving an average of 7,197 to 10,276 hits a day.

Shawn DesRochers extensive developing of has been rewarded with rave media reviews.

Testimonials from the members themselves have been most positive. As of June 1st 2005 Today’s Woman now offers members the choice between a free account and premium service.

I truly believe the best of Today’, is yet to come. Don’t go anywhere as we have only just begun.

Founder and Ceo
Ms. Rose DesRochers

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