Oh Those Spelling Errors

Please make it stop.

affect, effect
to, too
buy, by, bye

Oh those spelling errors woes. I am here to confess my sin. Oh the shame. I just typed complement, when I meant compliment.

Talk about Grrrrrrrrrr moments. Don’t you hate those pesky little words that sound alike, but have different meanings and spellings.

compliment and complement.

compliment – an expression of praise or admiration
complement – something that completes or makes perfect

I hate homophones.

I due oh how I due, I mean I do hate homphones.LOL

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said, Please bare with us. I do believe that it’s, please bear with us.

Many of my grammatical errors are the result of homophones. Like Sense vs since.

Sense – meaning feel
Since- refers to passage of time

I need to slap myself or is that I need too slap myself. Quick, I need a refresher lesson on the basics of homophones.

My next blog entry – Where do I stick that comma?

Rose DesRochers

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