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While reading an article on, it occurred to me that Wayne Hurlbert was correct. Blogging does improve your writing skills. I started blogging about my life in July of 2005.

The more I blog, I found that I was beginning to put some thought into my blog posts. My friends have started commenting on my blog, which has given me incentive to keep blogging. I was even contacted by a couple fellow bloggers who requested to reprint some of articles in their blog.

Some of my simple short blog entries have developed into articles as I begin to expand on my thoughts. I find myself constantly checking my spelling and my grammar. I have visited many blogs and while some are used as personal diaries, the others are used as article directories.

Blogs offer many more features than a standard webpage, such as blog ping, trackback, blog comments, faster indexing and repeat visitors.

A blog ping is when you write a new entry in your blog, you can set addresses to sites like Ping-O-Matic, which tells them that you have just updated your blog. defines trackback as “TrackBack is a system implemented by Movable Type and later adopted by many blogging tools, including TypePad, BoastMachine, WordPress, and Nucleus, that allows a blogger to see who has seen the original post and has written another entry concerning it. The system works by sending a ‘ping’ between the blogs, and therefore providing the alert.”

I never thought that blogging would be so much fun. I have been administrating Today’s Woman Writing Community for three years now and I don’t have a lot of time for writing. Therefore my blog has turned into my own personal journal, where I can practice my writing by posting a log of my daily life and blog about my thoughts and feelings.

I admit that when I first started blogging, I was uncomfortable about strangers reading my daily thoughts. But now even my most insane posts like ‘Wee Willie Warmers ‘ has received feedback.

My problem with staying motivated and fulfilling my goals was my own failure. I had not taken time away from a daily life that I had come accustomed to. While I love administrating, I realize that I need to take more time to explore my writing.

My writing has improved in leaps and bounds over the past year. I owe some of that credit to myself, some to my proofreader, and some to my members, but I owe the rest to blogging. By forcing myself to write everyday, I have become a better writer.

I have taken some time each day to just write.

I would like to challenge everyone to blog everyday this year. If you don’t already have a blog you can create one at

For a highly recommended reading, I suggest that you surf on over to Wayne Hurlbert’s blog and read his June 2005 article titled “Better writing through blogging.”

Blogging is certainly the wave of the future.

Today my children joined the ranks of blogging. Both of my teens have just created blogs and will be updating them under parent supervision. I think that it will be great for my son Dragonboy– who has considered journalism as a career. My son can use his blog to fine tune his journalism skills and my daughter – Miss Pink can use her blog to practice writing and her communication skills.

Get Blogging – It’s the cool thing to do.

Rose DesRochers

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