Campus Life Virus Alert

W32.IRCBot.I is a back door Trojan horse that connects to a remote IRC server and awaits commands from a remote attacker.

Computer users should be aware of a computer virus called “The Campus Life Email Virus.” It spreads vie email with the subject Campus Life or Campus Life Article. The email that comes from ‘Joseph Hope’ states that they have been thinking of including you in a new campus magazine in an article headed “Campus Life.”

Do not open attachment and delete the message.

Message body: Hello,We are planning to include you in the new campus magazine in an article titled “Campus Life”. Can you approve the photo and article for us before we go to printing please? If any details are wrong then we can amend before printing on Wednesday the 1st of February so please get back to us as soon as possible. We have attached the photo and article.
Many Thanks & Best Regards,
Joseph HopeEditor
Please respond before February 1st to ensure we have time to edit!

Instructions for removing the virus from your computer can be found at .

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