Seeing Life Through the Eyes of a Child: Thought of the Day

A poem written by Orin D Griffin entitled “The Childs Eye” reminded me that children see the world differently than adults do. As adults we become blinded by fear. When we look out our window, we see suffering caused by man’s deliberate actions; therefore we are unable to see the beauty in God’s tapestry. When children view the world, they admire the allurement of life. Children stop to admire the beauty of a rainbow, pick dandelions from the backyard, and play in mud puddles. To a child, the world is one of discovery and learning. From a child’s perspective, the world that they live in is a beautiful place. A child does not worry about tomorrow; they only live for today. Children can be wonderful teachers. We only need to listen. It’s never too late to live your life differently. Today view the world through the eyes of a child.

Rose DesRochers

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