Next Mood Swing: 6 Minutes

Ah, another blog entry. I know I’m a blog addict, maybe I’m even a blog whor- oh my let us keep this G- rated. Fans of Mickey Mouse may be reading. I am very moody lately and snap at the smallest things. If you don’t believe me, email my husband. I’m so moody, that he’s been hiding. I’m just joking! I mean, seriously though. Don’t you just hate rapid mood swings. You go from laughing, to crying, to eating a bunch of hostess chocolate ho ho’s. It could just be the winter blues or it could be the stress that I’m under. Maybe I just need to vent more.

My daughter has ate my last chocolate ho ho. Kyros wants to know if I purchased my comma protection today? He says that he understands comma condoms go on sale today. Oh yes, everyones a comma-median. Go ahead, laugh it up. I’m just having a nervous break down because I’m stressed, out of chocolate and commas are driving me insane.

Next mood swing: 6 minutes.

Mood Swing

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