POD Publishing – The Slush Pile

Print on demand publishing is wonderful. If we look at the positive side of POD publishing, it is a service that makes it easy for anyone to write a book and have it published.

If we look at the negative side of POD Publishing, there are a large number of poorly written books being published through such services as lulu- a print on demand publisher. It is unfortunate that so many books are making it to the slush pile. Sadly many POD publishers are in the business of solely making money. It is very unfortunate that so many poorly written and crafted books are being published. These books are giving all POD publishers a bad name.

It makes me wonder, what kind of impact will POD publishing have on the overall book industry in the next five to ten years.

Writing a book is no longer a big deal. Everyone is doing it. Someone once said that everyone has a book in them. My question is this. Can they write?

On a positive note, I’ve finally been released from my Publish America contract and all rights to my book have been returned to me. Here is to hoping that I have a better experience choosing a pod publisher the next time around. One thing I plan to do is hire a professional editor. Wish me luck!

Rose DesRochers

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