Weird and Wacky News: Man Sued For Not Giving Woman Orgasms

Mad Wife

I know that this is old news. However, it is still one of the most bizarre things that I’ve ever read.

A Brazilian woman is suing her partner for not giving her orgasms.

Police chief Jose Roberto Ferraz is investigating the case.

I’m curious here! Just how would you investigate this?

Let this be a lesson gentleman; think of your wives needs and not just your own.


Well the man can be thankful that she didn’t pull a Lorena Bobbit.

In other bizarre news stories:

 Woman Calls Police For Husband’s Porn Habit 

Woman Stabs Husband For Refusing Sex

Is it just me or are wives getting a tad violent. Ok, maybe more than a tad. Eeek!

Rose DesRochers

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