In My Heart – He Never Grows Old

My Dad 

In my heart there is a place where daddy, he never grows old. If I close my eyes, I can see him as plain as day. There is a smile on his face that says, “Hello Baby Girl!”

I was only eighteen the spring that my father passed away.  It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone eighteen years today.  I don’t talk about my dad as much as I do my mom. I guess it’ because I have many regrets. I regret not telling him that I loved him enough. I regret rebelling.

 It’s funny, now that I have my own daughter, I realize that he worried about me and was protective of me, because that was his job as a father. It meant that he loved me. There is so much I wish that I could tell my dad, but it’s too late now. 

 Time passes so quickly and I miss him.  I hope that my mother’s up there telling my dad all about the little girl, who turned into a woman who loved them both.  If there is one thing in life that I’m thankful for, it’s being blessed with parents who loved me.

I Miss You Daddy!

Rose Marie




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