Content is King

 Is Your Website Content-Driven and Informative or Poorly Written ?

I’ve heard a lot of SEO discussion regarding webmasters maximizing their potential by having fresh updated content. We all know that search engines love content. Content is King. 

However, as an individual I prefer to read high quality content. When people visit a Web site for information, they don’t want to read poorly written content. If you’re interested in having a professional site, don’t underestimate it with content that’s poorly written. I’ve noticed that many webmasters don’t pay much attention to the content that is displayed on their website.

As the owner of a Writing Community, I’m expected to have excellent writing skills. Every time I publish something to the front page of my site, I’m being evaluated. Therefore, I take content seriously.

I know that we all make grammatical mistakes. It’s impossible to receive content that is totally error free; I know I certainly make mistakes. Therefore, I don’t expect other writers to be perfect.

However, with new article directories, content management systems like digg and group blogs surfacing, I’ve found that my searches for information is returning some poorly written, uninformative results within the search queries. I’m not sure what is worse, reading a poorly written self-published book, watching a crappy movie or reading poorly written content by someone who has slaughter the English language.

As someone who is knew to freelance writing, I quickly learned that the poorly written content that I was producing was reflecting poorly on me.

I’ve now revised many of my articles. When writing content, take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to get it out there.

A poorly written article reflects poorly on you and poorly written content reflects poorly on your company.

The internet is an important resource, therefore takes pride in the content that you publish.

Rose DesRochers

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