“The Ultimate Rant” – Meme

So, I was reading Dear Al’s blog and he posted a meme.

Wow, I learned a new word!

If you’re a regular reader of Dear Al’s blog like I am, you might be shocked that he replied to one of these things.

Anyhow, he didn’t tag anyone in particular to do this, but I thought, why not give this a go, it’d be something fun to tag my daughter with. She loves these things. So here is my “The Ultimate Rant” named by no other than “Dear Al.”

I am: compassionate.
I said: many things that I regret.
I want: to make a difference.
I wish: people didn’t have to suffer.
I hate: that I have a list of things that I dislike and cannot choose just one thing.
I miss: my Mother.
I fear: being alone and growing old.
I hear: the clanging of dishes.
I wonder: about the world around me.
I regret: not listening to my father.
I am not: perfect.
I dance: in the rain.
I sing: along with songs on the radio that I like.
I am not always: grumpy. Sometimes I’m Bashful, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy.
I made: mistakes, but who hasn’t.
I write: about things that interest me.
I confuse: myself.
I need: to ignore some people’s opinion of me.
I should: care less about what people think.
I start: each day with a cup of coffee.
I finish: what I start.
I believe: that there is a God.
I know: what it’s like to loose a child.
I can: make others happy.
I can’t: swim.
I see: dead people- just joking.
I blog: whenever the feeling hits me.
I read: a lot.
I’m aroused by: kissing my husband.
It pisses me off: when people are quick to judge and make assumptions.
I find: that I dwell on what I cannot change.
I like: a variety of things.
I love: my husband and children.

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