macho man

Macho, macho man (macho man) I’ve got to be, a macho man.

If  VibraPen – Reciprocal link exchanging wasn’t strange enough, I received an email from someone who refers to himself as “Mr. Ice Man.”

Moncho, Moncho man

The subject of the email was “Hello Baby.” The email had attached to it a picture of some guy flexing his arm. I turned to my husband and said,” I just got the strangest email,” before I could finish my sentence, he asked me if it was from, “Mr. Ice  Man?”

It just so happens that my husband received the same email, however the letter my husband received asked him if he liked and it said, “your erotica man.”

It appears Mr. Ice man was making his way through the list of administrator email addresses on and mailing out his picture. Luckily I banned his Ip before our admin Steve received the picture.

You’d be surprise the number of men who sign up thinking that Today’s Woman is a woman’s site where they can find a girlfriend. Don’t be fooled by the name gentlemen, we are a writing community for men and women.

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