Pimpfants – Infant & Toddler Clothing

Whatever happened to the cute t-shirts with puppies and kitties on them? Please bring back that annoying purple dinosaur “Barney and his friends.” Anything better than the newest line of infant & toddler clothes started by three guys who just thought it be cute for kids to wear something kind of street.

If the name of the new company “Pimpfants,” which was started by three married men in Oregon, two with young children themselves wasn’t impropriate for children clothes, the sayings on these clothes sure is.

I won’t even repeat what’s on some of the shirts, because it’s simply sick. However, one of the tanktops from the line called “babybeaters” has a reverence to incest.

Who in their right mind would put this shirt on their baby? This is just sick, demented and sad.

In the section “lil beaters,” the header of the website sports two children dressed as gangsters and a baby with a tattoo on his hand that says “pimp.”

In an interview done on pastdeadline.com, one of the men was asked “Do you aspire to have your children grow up to be pimps and/or streetwalkers?” His reply was that they thought it would be cute for kids to wear something kind of street.

What’s cute about gangs, incest and prostitution? This in my opinion is very wrong.

What message are we sending to our children? That’s it’s cool to be a prostitute and gangster?

A company like “Pimpfants” is just another sad look at what society is becoming.

Newsflash Mr. PG despite what you said in your interview “Pimp” still means what it always has in my dictionary.


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