Flickr-Yahoo! Terms of Service

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It’s conformed. Yahoo Inc has indeed purchased the well known photo-sharing site Flickr. I would suggest those using Flickr & Yahoo Photos for their picture sharing, pay extra close attention to SubSection 9 of Yahoo Inc Terms of Service.

Yahoo! does not claim ownership of Content you submit or make available for inclusion on the Service. However, with respect to Content you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Service, you grant Yahoo! the following worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license(s), as applicable.
Yahoo/Flickr has every legal right to publish or distribute any of your work without compensation to you. That’s what it meant by “granting them a worldwide-royalty free license.”

Yahoo, MySpace and Friendster all have these same rights.

When signing up for a service, please make sure that you fully understand the terms of service.

Rose DesRochers

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