PayPal Phishing Scam – Unauthorized Transactions On Paypal

Omega Constellation Men Watch

 Yet another PayPal Phishing Email.

Today I received an e-mail that appears to be a payment confirmation e-mail from PayPal. The e-mail shows that apparently I ordered an Omega Constellation Men Watch, which is an actual product.

This email confirms that you have paid OMEGAMOVE $385.00 using PAYPAL.

The credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL OMEGAMOVE.”

Like hell I did. Lucky for me, I figured it was a scam, but most people’s reaction would be to click on the link, which takes you to an unauthorized site where you’ll be asked to supply your credit card number. The unauthorized site, looks like PayPal.

PayPal, always addresses you by your first name, therefore you no this is a phishing scam. But with Nigeria scam artists getting smarter, it will only be a matter of time before they start addressing you by your first name.

Therefore, I recommend if you have a PayPal account, always go to the official site by typing the address in your web browser and logging in, never click on a link in an email that supposedly takes you to PayPal. Check the return address of the email too and remember, never give out your personal information unless you are 100 % sure that it is secure.
According to a news article, this new phishing scam may be targeting as many as 10,000 PayPal users. Be careful!

If you receive an email like this, forward it to .


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