Canadian Government hopes to raise age of consent to 16


For many years, Canada’s government has failed to protect our children from sexual predators. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is currently not a criminal offence for an adult to engage in sexual activity with a person aged 14 years or older if the young person consents to sexual activity as long as the adult is not in a position of trust or authority.

Canada has become a preferred destination for sexual predators to prey on our innocent children.

In 2002, Over 40,000 people sent a letter to Justice Minister Cauchon asking that the age of consent be raised to 18. The age was not raised.

In early November 2004 , HELENA GUERGIS, MP prepared a petition asking the Martin Liberals to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 years of age. Still the age was not raised

It was in 1987, the Mulroney government reduced the age of consent for sex in the Criminal Code to age 14. Since that date the Liberal government has refused to amend this law and raise the age of consent to 18.

As we approached 2006, the government once again failed to protect our children.

On Sept 28, MP Rick Casson private member’s Bill C-313 and Nina Grewal private member’s motion to raise the age of consent for sex from 14 to 16 was brought before office and once again the bill was rejected.

I was disappointed to hear that a bill that would have raised the age of consent to 16 was defeated by a vote of 167-99.

During the 2006 election, the Conservative party campaign on Creation of a mandatory DNA databank for sex offenders; raising the age of consent from 14 to 16 years and tougher stance on child pornography.

This was reason that I voted conservative.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is following up on the Conservative Government’s promise to raise the age of sexual consent in Canada to 16.

However, there will be a five year exemption in place, which would still allow those as young as 14 to have sex with partners within  five years of their age; meaning that a 20 year old would still be allowed to have sex with a 15 year old.

Canada’s current age of consent leaves teens vulnerable to sexual predators, so I do hope the bill will be passed.

My only dissapointment in this was the five year exemption. I would have liked to have seen a two year exemption.

I understand that they don??t want to criminalize consenting sexual conduct between youth, but a 14 year old girl can still easily be manipulated by a nineteen year old man.

The new propostal once again has run into opposition from the Liberals, but received some backing from the New Democrats.

I think Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on the right track and I for one strongly support raising the age of consent from 14 to 16.

A change of Goverments means a change for the better, I hope.


Rose DesRochers


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