Lindsay Ashford – Admitted Pedophile – Wikipedia


Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit- even pedophiles.

The following is not only disturbing, it’s disgusting.

Lindsay Ashford is a admitted pedophile who runs a missing kids website. Seven months ago KCTV5 News Investigation exposed this pedophile’s girl loving web site and his “missing girls” website, where he preys on the families of missing little girls. On Lindsay missing girls website are photos of girls, all murdered or missing.

That’s not all. You might be shocked to hear that Linsay Ashford is also a active editor at Wikipedia, using the online alies Zanthalon.

Zanthalon Wikipedia profile reads, “Many of you have commented that the majority of my edits are on pedophilia-related articles. This is an area of interest for me since I am myself a pedophile, a girllover to be specific.”

Elsewhere on the internet, Ashford openly calls himself the “Lover of Little Girls” and states that he is not the enemy.

According to a news article, Lindsay’s website is still up and running and police say it’s not breaking any laws.

This is just sad and shocking!

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