Teen Mood Swings- PMS Barbie- Pass the Prozac

PMS Barbie

Today is one of those days where I take a deep breath and count to ten backwards. My daughter is in one of her moods.

Look out! PMS Barbie is in the house.

Mood Swings

You got to love these power struggles. I know that she’s secretly thinking, let’s see how far I can push mom and dad over the edge.

This morning, father and daughter had a disagreement. We bought her this skirt she wanted at Christmas. She begged us for it and at any rate, she hasn’t worn it since we bought it. There it is somewhere among the mess of her closet. Guess what she’ll be wearing to school tomorrow? (Insert evil grin)

Yelling Match

Now of course that turned into a yelling match and resulted in her slamming the door as she left for school. When she came home for lunch, she was still moaning and groaning about having to wear the skirt tomorrow.

She will be home from school in ten minutes and I’m already singing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty.” Hehe – Muahahahaha!

Exams are next week and getting her to start cramming for them is a chore.

Oh, the teenage years! Could you please pass me the Prozac?

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