Parenting Teenagers: It’s not Fair : Teen Mood Swings – Take Two

“It’s Not Fair!” How many times have we heard this story?

I cannot help, but blog about those teenage years once again. For those of you whose children are through their teen years-lucky you, for now you can sit back and laugh. For those of you with toddlers and small children- I laugh at you. Your days are coming. (Insert wicked grin)

From the time your child is beginning to crawl, they hear the word “no.” No. Don’t touch that. No, you cannot bring that stray dog into the house. No, you cannot have a pot belly pig as a pet. No you cannot get a tattoo. No you cannot die your hair. No you cannot get a belly ring. I don’t care if the other girls have them. No No No!

You would think that my teenage daughter and my tween/preteen son would both know the meaning of the word “No.”

But, because they are teens and cannot get into their head that No means No, they have to see how far they can push mom and dad.

My daughter, I swear that she loves to argue. She will nag and nag, hoping to get her own way.

However, Mom and Dad were not giving in.

Last evening conversation consisted of the following:

Princess: You’re treating me like I’m five.
Me: The way that you’re acting right now, you’re acting like a five year old. If you want me to treat you like you’re mature, quit acting like a little child.

Princess: None of the kids will be in dress code.
Dad: You are one of the kids that will be.

Princess: What’s wrong with this jean skirt?
Me: There is nothing wrong with that skirt, but you’ll be wearing the other one.

Princess: Dad never wanted me to by this jean skirt that’s why he is making me wear the other one.
Me: Stop right there, if your father didn’t like it, you would not have left the store with it. Apologize to your father.

Princess: Seeing how you’re trying to dress me like a child, do you want to do my hair and makeup too?
Dad: I wonder how she’ll look as bozo the clown.
She finally went to bed around 10:00 and came down this morning wearing the Jean skirt, instead of the beige one.

She was determined to get her own way. Daddy sent her right back up stairs to change. She then told him to “Kiss her Ass.” Welcome to grounding!

She wore the skirt for half the day as hubby let her change into shorts at lunch because she said the skirt caused a rash, which wasn’t a lie.

But, boy does she like to argue and then she’ll bring something in to the argument that has no relevance to the argument. I feel for her future husband, whoever he may be.

I’ve already picked out her wedding gift and she’s not even done high school or does she have a boyfriend.

But, I’m saving the idea of a good set of earplugs as a wedding gift, for him of course.

Parents, remember when dealing with teen daily behavior, No means no! Do not give into your child. If you do, you will be dealing with a child who cannot accept what you’ve told them.

One mistake that I made as a parent was my constantly giving in to my daughter.

Therefore, the reason this behavior of my daughter is occurring – and continues when we say “No”- is because it worked for her before.

Therefore, I’m hoping if I change my parenting behavior, eventually she might change her behavior. I can only hope.

I could use a good, stiff drink right now, but a coffee and a quite room will do just fine.

She’ll be home from school in 30 minutes. Quick, lock the doors!

“Calgon, take me away, please”

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