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Penguin Arcade

I bet there is a lot of interesting things that you don’t know about me. For instance did you know that:

1. As a child, I had an imaginary friend.
2. I enjoy shopping at flea markets, thrift stores and vintage stores.
3. For some odd reason, I don’t like shrimp. I’ve never ever tried it; I just don’t like the visual appearance of it.
4. I was in a lingerie fashion show. I was so nervous that on stage, I walked so fast that I looked like the Penguin Arcade game.
5. I have a scar from a third degree burn on my left leg.
6. I cannot stand my belly button touched.
7. When I’m reading something I move my lips. Hubby & the kids say that it looks like I’m talking to my monitor.
8. I burnt potatoes once.
9. I didn’t learn to skate until I was in the sixth grade.
10. My daughter taught me how to turn on a computer. She was only six.

There you go. I bet you didn’t know those things about me.
If you reply to this post, please share one weird fact about you.

Rose DesRochers

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