Yet another meme – Years Meme

Kool Aid

Gene Simmons ate my happy meal and Merriam Burke drank all the Kool aid. What’s a girl to do? I know, another Meme.

Rose DesRochers-Age 17

Twenty years ago I was a typical teen, chasing boys and hanging with friends. I enjoyed school, but I wasn’t very popular.

Rose DesRochers Age 27

Ten years ago I was modeling in fashion shows and chasing a two year old around the house and teaching my six year old how to tie her shoes. I also graduated from a course in hospice and palliative care. That same year, my Hair Dressing school went bankrupt and I spent two weeks during the winter at the Ottawa heart institute with my Mother. Damn Ottawa was cold.

Kingston General Hospital

Five years ago I was caring for my Mother. Most of my time was spent at hospitals and the nursing home. That same year my faith in God was reborn. The year prior, I spent a month at a hospital in Kingston with her.

Fitness Nut

Three years ago I turned from a couch potato into a fitness nut. I was always out biking or walking. I had lost sixty lbs, but some of those lbs caught back up with me three years later.  Damn it! I was also celebrating my daughter’s 13th  birthday by shoving cake in her face. We also had a blackout that same summer and the neighborhood spent most of the evening outside. The power finally came on around midnight. What a blast.

Graduation  ceremonie

1 year ago I was attending my daughter’s grade eight graduation. I was so very proud of her. When she received her merit award, I began crying.  She looked so beautiful in her graduation dress. I also spent the Summer going to doctor appointments to find out what was causing the swelling in my ankle. One year later, they still don’t know.

This Month was hard, with Father’s Day and my daughter’s birthday in the same month, I found myself grieving. We’ve also been house shopping and going through unwanted items that seem to pile up through the years. I’ve also been going to doctor’s appointments and in two weeks I’m off to the heart clinic to see what is causing my swelling.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and shopping to buy my son a new pair of shoes. This makes his forth pair this year. Fun!

Today, I’ve spent the morning running to the bathroom. Damn water pills. I also get to go pay my internet bill.

Tomorrow, I have no clue what I’m doing. I try to take one day at a time. I most likely will do what I do everyday, which is blog, comment on poems and stories, answer email, clean the house, referee my children, delete comment spam, deal with trolls etc. You know how the saying goes. Same shit, just a different day.

Next week, I get to go have ice-cream sundaes at my son’s school. I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice-cream.

Next month, I’ll be moving into my new home, unpacking and celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday. Yeah, I get to shove a cake in her face.

Next Year, I hope to be enjoying my new home and publishing a book.

So, what about you?

Rose DesRochers

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