Pedophile Lindsay Ashford – US politicians daughters photos appear on pedophile’s website

Save the Children

Ten days ago, I blogged about admitted pedophile Lindsay Ashford and his girl loving website.

Lindsay Ashford is an admitted pedophile who runs two websites. One is a missing girl’s website, where he posts photos of missing and recovered children. The other website promotes pedophilia.

Seven months ago KCTV5 News Investigation exposed this pedophile’s girl loving web site and his “missing girls” website, where he preys on the families of missing little girls.

Well now Ashford has decided to start exploiting the daughters of US politicians by plastering their daughter’s pictures all over his girl loving website.

Well that’s not all! Lindsay Ashford and Todd Nickerson managed to scrounge up over a thousand dollars that they sent in to Save the Children.

What’s worse is that Save the Children accepted the money, supposedly knowing that it was sent by pedophiles. Save the Children sent them a thank you letter, which Lindsay Ashford now trumpets as a ‘success.’

Unfortanly Law enforcement officials state they cannot shut down his site, because he has not broken the law.

Thank you to Anti Pedophile Mother – Sara Copley who emailed me this update.

Update: I’ve just received an email from Save the Children insuring me that they were not aware of the reputation of this group or the person who sent the donation. They are now actively looking at ways to see how they can prevent this in the future. In the meantime, they have cut a check and returned the donation.



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