Todd Nickerson and Lindsay Ashford – Admitted pedophiles donate to Save the Children

Save the Children

In a press release that can be read on Lindsay Ashford’s website, he proudly boasts about how Save the Children – an organization that helps children in poverty and children in crisis around the world and in the US graciously accepted the donations of a coalition of girl lovers made in honor of Alice Liddell.

The donation made under Girl lovers Todd Nickerson’s name totaled $1000.00.

I emailed Save the Children today and received an email from Eileen Burke, who informed me that they have returned a cheque to Todd Nickerson.

Please see Eileen Burke of Save the Children responds below.

Dear Mrs. DesRochers,
We deeply appreciate you contacting us. This is a new problem that has just come to our attention. We were alerted today by another concerned citizen like yourself to the content of this blog and the nature of this donation. We were not aware of the reputation of this group or the person who sent the donation. Save the Children is an advocate for the protection – not the exploitation – of children. We are actively looking at ways to see how we can prevent this in the future. In the meantime, we have cut a check and returned the donation in the mail today.
Save the Children

Eileen Burke of Save the Children, sent me a second email informing me that they have contacted the Connecticut Attorney General regarding this matter.

It’s a shame that an organization as wonderful as Save the Children would be used in this manner.

Save the Children is an international non-profit organization dedicated to working for children. Save the Children organizations work in more than 100 countries to ensure the well-being of children. Find out how you can make a donation to save the children today.

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