Blogging Pet Peeves: Rules for Commenting

Pet Peeve

I’d guess that much of the blogosphere would agree with me on this one. I think it’s extremely rude when someone visits a blog and does not comment on the topic at hand.

Dear Mr or Ms Blogger,

The comment section of my blog is for comments related to my blog. Would you be as kind not to use it for self promotion purposes only or to ask me questions related to your blog. I mean, it’s bad enough that I have to delete comment spam. I now have to delete the comments of individuals who have not bothered to read a damn thing that I wrote. I have no intentions of publishing your comments; therefore you’ve wasted your time and my time. Can you sense my frustration? Comments about my blog or even worse, technical questions about your blog are to be emailed to me, not posted to my comment section.

Signed, One Ticked off Blogger ( Acka Rose DesRochers)

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