Pedophile Blogs Hosted at WordPress


In April 2006, Stacy L. Harp a marriage and family therapist intern was trying to convince Google to drop a website from its popular, free blog host that promotes “boy love,” sexual relationships between men and adolescents. She was unsuccessful despite her best efforts.

Yesterday I learned that was hosting blogs that promote “girl love,” sexual relationships between men and adolescent girls.

I brought this to the attention of, Podz informed me via email that he viewed one of the questionable blogs and it neither contains nor link to any illegal material.

They did assure me that it’s presence on would be discussed. I expect that is as far as it will go.

Law enforcement officers state that there is nothing that they can do about these boy/girl love websites, because they have not broken any laws. In the mean time “childlove” advocates blog at the same place our children do. A frightening thought!

The blog in question is owned by an admitted pedophile who states that pedophiles don’t prey on children. Yeah Right!

Rose DesRochers

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