Nicole Kidman Movies – Birth

Nicole Kidman

Birth is about a woman (Nicole Kidman) who becomes convinced that a ten year old boy (Cameron Bright) is the reincarnation of her dead husband.

The movie has drawn quite the negative response from movie critics. Movie reviewers suggested the movie displayed pedophile overtones.


In the Movie there is a scene where Nicole Kidman shares a bath with teenage actor Cameron Bright, who in the movie portrays a ten year old boy.

Having seen the movie, I would not recommend it. There was no depth to this movie, and I found it to be unbelievably boring. I found that there were just way too many long drawn out scenes and the opera scene had to be one of the worse scenes in the entire movie. 

I also found the story line of the movie disturbing and I could have also done without the sex scene which looked like it was from a cheap porno. The movie was a waste of money and thank goodness Blockbuster allowed us to return it for a refund.
Rose DesRochers

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