Mom Bragging Rights : School’s out for the Summer

Behind every child stands a teacher who has provided the motivation for that child’s success in life. School is out for the summer. When children return in the fall, my son will be going into the seventh grade. This past school year my son had a wonderful teacher, who was also an outstanding mentor.

He encourage the children to look further than just the surface. My son greatly admired his teacher and I can see the impact that this teacher had on my son.

My son’s teacher wrote the following words on the last page of my son’s poetry anthology. ” Continue to write and continue to dream big dreams. Don’t settle for with purpose and flair!”

My son has given me permission to share one of the poems from his anthology and I think it ties into the last day of school nicely.

My Wish

If I could grant a wish for you,
It might involve a thought or two;
May your goals be reached more than once
and your stories not kept “hush-hush’.
May you find happiness in the darkest times
even when everything is fine;
May your memories of your childhood days
stay with you  the rest of the way.
May you always learn to succeed
and may your education stretch long and wide;
May you always have a friend
and may they stick with you until the end!

Copyrighted © 2006 JD

JD, your teacher was right. You can make a difference. Never settle for average, for you have the traits which will make you a leader. I’m very proud of you. – Mom

Today’s student; tomorrow’s leader.

Today's student; tomorrow's leader.

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