Fighting Fathers Ministries Rev. David B. Smith: Copyright Infringement

Rev. David B. Smith of Fighting Fathers Ministries is infringing upon the rights of several authors on his martial arts website. Rev. David B. Smith is modifying the articles, which he obtains from article directories. In the modification he is including content on kickboxing, Christianity and he is even using his own name as a keyword in the article.

In accordance to the rules of all article directories, the article is to be published in its full entirety as shown in the article directory.

The publisher/webmaster is not entitled and does not have rights to modify the article unless it’s for grammar or spelling.

It had come to my attention that Rev. David B. Smith had made unauthorized use of my copyrighted work entitled ‘Addressing the Canadian Age of Sexual Consent’ in which he modied and included comments about kickboxing throughout the article.

After a request sent via email, Rev. David B. Smith did remove my article with a note to me that he would be contacting the public article directory and asking them to remove my article from their collection.

This just blows me away as it is Rev. David B. Smith who is clearly in violation here.

I’m not sure where Kickboxing ties in with the age of sexual consent.

Please see my latest post about this at Script Responsible for Modified Articles: Rev. David B. Smith.

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