Pankaj Saini Black-Hat SEO: Keyword Splogging

EzineArticle Author Pankaj Saini was infringing upon the copyright of several authors by scraping their content for his teen porn website.

Jonathan Bailey, who runs Plagiarism Today knows all about splogging. He wrote an article on this entitled ‘An Even Darker Side of Scraping.’ Jonathon looked into this for me, but had little luck in tracking down the actual host.

My husband Shawn however was able to get in touch with someone who could take action in getting my content removed from these teen porn sites. Shawn spoke to Dan Depina, the admin of a site that manages adult sites. Shawn spoke to Mr. Depina via telephone. Dan was very helpful. He even called Shawn back.

Dan Depina contacted an administrator of one of the porn affiliate programs who contacted Mr. Pankaj Saini on our behalf.

Mr. Pankaj Saini is a sponsor of a porn affiliate program. He earns revenue by driving traffic to their domains. Jay informed me that if Mr. Pankaj Saini does not comply with the legal request by us, that they will ban him from using any of their services in the future.

Jonathon too was very helpful by providing me with a Sample DMCA Notification of Infringement Letter to send to the domain registrar.

Pankaj Saini has sent me by email a formal apology. He has removed all the content he scraped from the websites.

This is a reply he sent to an email that was sent by one of the porn affiliate programs.

Pankaj Saini says, “The fault is entirely mine and I take the full responsibility. For an excuse, let me explain what caused this fault. I put some blogs on automation using blog automation softwares some weeks ago as a tryout. And then forgot all about them until I received this email.

I don’t believe Pankaj Saini . I had sent several cease and desist to Panka Saini in which he just ignored. It was not until the affiliate program contacted him on our behalf, did he reply.

In my opinion Pankaj Saini found the porn industry to be an easy way to make money. I believe that he knew all along what he was doing. After all he is an SEO guru who was using black-hat SEO tactics to get search engine traffic and at the same time he was infringing upon the rights of many authors.

If Pankaj Saini has infringed upon your copyright then I want to hear about it. Please contact me via email and I will provide you with the information you’ll need to get your infringed upon work removed.

Rose DesRochers

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