Script Responsible for Modified Articles: Rev. David B. Smith

After receiving an email from Nicky VanValkenburgh stating that her article was added to Rev. David B. Smith’s website by a script that seemed to have added comments, I emailed Rev. David B. Smith to get to the bottom of the story concerning articles obtained from article directories being incorrectly displayed on his website.

From Rev. David B. Smith earlier email to me, I was under the assumption that he was modifying author’s articles and including comments in them. I now see that was not the case.

Rev. David B. Smith has now explained to me and fellow authors that this was not done by him personally, but by a script.

He stated that he did not tell me that previously. because he wanted to take full responsibility for what happened.

Rev Smith had not set up the script himself and he had not seen my article prior to my drawing attention to it. Rev David B. Smith is in negotiation with the author of the script to see how they can correct this situation.

Rev David B. Smith says “I believed that creating blogs that properly showcased other people’s articles that were relevant to my work was a good thing to do. It appears though that some of these articles (such as your own) are neither directly relevant nor properly displayed. I will see to it that the situation is brought to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible.”

I appreciate that Rev David B. Smith will be resolving this issue.

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