Well, I’m Back – We’re moved!

We’re moved! Just thought I would post an update for those of you that are wondering where I’ve been. We finally moved into our new home and are loving it. We’ve been pretty busy and I admit I have not wanted to be online much.

We hired a student to help Shawn move the heavy furniture, and then we had some friends help out. Thanks to my daughter’s friend who spent Saturday night here, we got a lot done on the first day and the place is already feeling like home.

The house is wonderful. The spacious living room has beautiful panel floors. The master bedroom and my daughter’s bedroom look out onto the garden, while my son’d bedroom looks out onto a big tree. The kitchen has the latest in stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. We have a huge wrap around deck that over looks a beautiful flower garden. I’ll be posting some pictures tomorrow. Can you tell I’m excited?

And in other news, my daughter just got her first real job. They hired her full time. So she’s busy working.

Shawn started refinishing my daughter’s dresser today. I’ve been keeping him busy.

And if it wasn’t enough dealing with moving etc, Shawn and I just learned that 40,000+ comments have somehow been dropped from Today’s Woman. Now Shawn gets to manually insert all the comments. Our host said that they could back the site up to Friday, but any new content added and all new members would be lost, therefore inserting it manually is the only other option.

Unfortunately, with all the stuff going on, I have not felt like blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I am anxious to catch of with some of you and find out what I’ve missed. I hope you all had a good weekend.

Belleville Public Library

I’m taking my son to the new library tomorrow. He’s been wanting to go. So, look for the photos of my new house sometime tomorrow.

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