China blocks blogs by banned Tibetan writer – Chinese Censorship

Two blogs authored by Tibetan poet Woeser have been shut down according to Reporters without Borders. Woeser used her blogs – and to share her poetry and essays, along with articles by her husband, independent writer, Wang Lixiong. Because Woeser dared to speak out in her writing against the government, she lost her job, her home and her security and now her blogs. Woeser did what many of us writers do, she started a blog to get her writing out there and for that she has been censored. It’s not right!

Wang Lixiong website forum –, had been closed a few days prior to the disappearance of his wife’s two blogs.

Century China website which had 30,000 registered members was also shutdown in the latest wave of Chinese censorship.

According to statistics, the Chinese government has closed down more than 700 websites so far this year and ordered eight search engines to filter “subversive and sensitive” content based on about 1,000 keywords.

Amnesty International blasted Yahoo, Microsoft and Google stating that they undermined the rights of Chinese to freedom of expression through their actions in China. According to a recent BBC News report, Amnesty International is urging users of Google, Yahoo and MSN in the UK to email the search engines opposing the way each of them operate in China.

I’m certainly don’t agree with the Chinese censoring. Like I previously commented, this certainly isn’t right!

Rose DesRochers

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