Weird and Wacky News – Penis painter Pricasso – Penis Pump Judge

Okay, I know there are plenty of other things in the news that I could be blogging about, however I’ve decided to share more wacky penis news.

Last night a man in Sydney Australia caught his estranged wife in bed with her lover, stabbed him to death and cut off his penis. – Scary!

Just last week a 30-year-old man had his penis stitched back on. While drunk he had made a bet with a friend that he’d cut off his penis. According to news report, he was brought to hospital severely bleeding. His penis was with him in a plastic bag. – What a moron!

A New Jersey man is suing his old school and five former classmates after a photograph of his penis appeared in a yearbook. Yikes!

Former judge Donald D. Thompson was convicted on four felony counts of having his penis exposed while presiding over trials. He also used a device called a “penis pump” while presiding. The conviction will require the former judge to register as a sex offender. – I guess he’ll be kissing his pension goodbye.

Tim Patch an Australian painter uses his penis to paint portraits. According to news report his father was less than impressed when he learned his son was gaining notoriety for a “penile art” portrait of Prime Minister John Howard. – I guess it wasn’t quit the career move that he hoped his son would take?

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