Chocolate Virgin Mary – Man Trapped in Chocolate

Well we have all heard the reasons why chocolate is better than sex, therefore I think I’ll change my news topics from sex to chocolate. I’m not sure that I agree chocolate is better than sex,  you know me being a nymphomaniac and all. I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself.

In 2004, a woman had a grilled cheese sandwich for auction on Ebay, which she claimed  showed the Virgin Mary. Now workers at a candy factory have discovered a piece of chocolate formed in what they feel is a strange  likeness of the Virgin Mary.

I don’t believe it. Chocolate that looks like the Virgin Mary? I think that those people have been working at the candy factory too long. Having seen the picture, I personally don’t think it resembles the Virgin Mary. What do you think?

Workers discover chocolate Virgin Mary

In other news, a man nearly drowned in 70-Gallons of chocolate. I know that some of you ladies are thinking, what a way to go. I bet he won’t be eating chocolate for some time. I’m glad to hear that he’s ok.

Rose DesRochers

Other Chocolate related news:

THE HAGUE (AFP) – Police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has released a warning for hallucinogenic dark chocolate bars after a homeless man ate one and confused their uniforms with wedding dresses. Read More


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