Rose DesRochers Review: Windows Live Spaces

Blogger Juha Saarinen has found out that ‘Windows Live Spaces’ censorships your thoughts. According to the blogger, apparently the word porn is prohibited on Windows Live Spaces.

I had to find out for myself; therefore I joined Windows Live Spaces and attempted to make a post with the word ‘porn’ in my title. It flagged my post with a message that one of the words that I used was prohibited.

Windows Live Spaces Censorship

Is this censorship or good sense?

Seeing how I had already created an account I figured that I might as well try out Windows Live Spaces social networking and blogging services.

I experienced extremely slow loading time and it kept freezing my browser. Microsoft states that Windows Live Spaces system requirements are that you must have “Internet Explorer® browser software version 6.0 Service Pack 1 or later must be installed on the computer, though it does not need to be the default browser. (The default browser can be FireFox 1.5, Safari 4.1 or Opera 9.0, for instance),” nonetheless it didn’t make much difference if I used IE or Firefox, I found that my browser kept crashing only when trying to navigate around the site.

The one feature that I found that I did like was the ability to use my Amazon Associates ID with my space to earn money for purchases that come from my lists, however when updating my book list I constantly received the following error messages “There was an error while deleting your book. Please try again later and Due to the high volume of activity on Spaces right now, your book may not have been saved. To avoid duplicate books, please check to see if your book was saved before trying again.” After several attempts it did finally work.

Some of the advantages to Window Live Spaces that I also thought were a bonus are

The ability to choose from over 100 themes
Easy upload of photos
Permission control: I was able to specify who could see and link to my space. According to Microsoft, “users under 18 are defaulted to Windows Live Messenger Only permission settings for their own safety.”
It also includes Statistics and another bonus is you can target the audience that you want to reach.
Lists. Update your blogroll easily by quick edit of the list feature.
The blog also comes with categories, which help you organize your blog entries, trackbacks that you can control by allowing trackbacks from any public website or trackbacks from other Windows Live Spaces or there is the option to disable them. Your blog also comes with the option to notify ping services each time you update.

You can also turn email publishing on or off. Windows live space allows you to publish blog entries and photos to your space from your computer or mobile device.

There are numerous other tools, which come with Window Live Spaces. I’ve only listed a few that I especially liked.

Anyone who knows me and is a regular visitor to my blog knows that I’m not a huge fan of Social networking sites, but I think that Window Live Spaces stands out from the rest of the social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster.

Though I was disappointed with the word filter, and the freezing of my browser, overall I am quite satisfied and impressed with Windows Live Spaces.

Great job guys.
Rose DesRochers

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