Blogger Talk: Shawn and Rose DesRochers launch Blog Community Portal

Blogger Talk

Shawn and I are proud to announce the launch of our new community. Blogger Talk is a friendly fast growing blogging portal, offering bloggers support, advice, tools, tips and information about blogs and blogging.

Blogs are becoming popular. From an article in the Economist print edition, “750000 people now blog, and the number is growing daily.” A blog is created every second of every day.

Blogger Talk will be a community that is made up of those who blog for personal pleasure and those that blog professionally.

At this time we have an interactive blog forum, blogging articles, blog books, a blog directory, and blog platform reviews.

New features that we will be adding are blog resources,your own personal blog on Blogger talk, blog themes, blog tools and blog tutorials.

The Blogger Talk Mission: To assist bloggers in not only improving their blog, but their blogging experience as well.

If you are a blogger, why not join Blogger Talk?

Rose DesRochers

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