Negative Assumptions

We interrupt the funny stuff on this blog for some serious stuff. Can you believe that I have never heard this saying before? An online acquaintance and I were having a conversation via MSN messenger about jumping to assumptions and she said “Ever hear that assume makes an ass out of u and me.” Boy isn’t that the truth!

We are all guilty of jumping to negative assumptions at one time or another. I think that sometimes we react to things without having all the facts at hand. has an excellent article on jumping to negative assumptions that is worth the read.

Today’s Lesson Learned

Avoid jumping to assumptions that can lead to confusion and severe miscommunication. Assumptions and jumping to conclusions seems to be a major cause of fall outs on forums and in the blogosphere as seen on a few blogs that I have surfed to.

Don’t assume that everyone uses words the way that you do. Communication can often be lost on the internet, because we cannot see ones face expressions, so words can be misinterpreted the wrong way.

By always making the worst out of a situation, you can never see the good. Remember, don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Now back to our regular broadcasting.

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