Weird and Wacky Wednesday

Happy Hump Day

We are half way through the week and I do hope that your week is going well. I’m glad that you’ve taken a break from whatever it was that you were doing to share some news of the weird and wacky with me.

Just the other day I spoke of assumptions and the first story here is a fine example of what happens when we assume and a horrible case of mistaken identity.

Love Bug

Teen Seeking Kiss Rams Wrong Car

BAY CITY, Mich. (AP) – A lovers’ quarrel and a case of mistaken identity has landed a teenager behind bars after police say he repeatedly rammed a teenage girl’s car, thinking it was his girlfriend.

Opps, sorry wrong person!

In another horrible case of mistaken identity two males kidnapped the wrong woman.

Ransom Note

Image made by the Ransom Note Generator.

Oops! Kidnappers Nab, Ditch The Wrong Victim

(CBS) NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. In what was apparently a case of mistaken identity, a woman was kidnapped, bound and abandoned in her car. Authorities found the victim in North Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Car in House
Well that’s one way to get Governments attention, but I don’t recommend that you try it. I think I’ll stick to writing letters.

Driver tries to crash Canadian prime minister’s vacation home

OTTAWA (AFP) – A woman tried to drive her car into the vacation home of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper overnight, in hopes of getting a meeting, Canadian media reported.


You no longer need to turn you underwear inside out, so you can go another week without doing the wash. ( I don’t think people actually do this, do they?)
Self Cleaning Clothes

“Scientists have produced a coating that could make filthy rugby shirts and grubby football shorts a thing of the past.”

Thanks for adding something weird and wacky to your day.

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