I’m going to be a Grandmother?

Now before you start congratulating me, please be sure to read all of this post.

The other day my 16 year old daughter came home from school and out of the blue she tells us this.

“Mom and Dad you’re going to be Grandparents.”

What on earth. Hu, how, when? Never mind the how. I know how, but what did you just say?


Then she replies this.

“Yah the resource teacher was able to switch my classes around for second semester and I’ll be taking parenting instead of drama, so it looks like I’ll bringing home one of those annoying dolls.”

Oh is that all? Talk about giving your mom a heart attack. Geez girl!

The last thing that I want to hear out of either of my teens mouth is mom and dad you are going to be grandparents.

I love my children unconditionally, and should there ever come a day that there is a teenage pregnancy in this house we would handle it. I mean what else can you do, but handle it.

But, please daughter watch how you word things and by the way I hope that Baby Think It Over cries and cries and cries. Muhahaha Baby think it Over

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