Akismet Comment Spam Killer – Were your comments labeled spam?

Akismet Comment Spam Killer has caught 14954 spam comments for me since I installed it. Err, um well since my husband installed it.

I would say that it works well. Perhaps it works too well. It may have just labeled your comment as spam.

Today I received an email from Peri. It read:

“How come you’re not publishing any of my comments on your blog anymore?”

Hu, I had not received any comments from her. She emailed me back and informed me that her comments probably ended up in my Akismet file. I checked my Akismet folder and there her comments were.

It appears that Akismet is marking some of the comments left on my blog as spam for no particular reason. If you are using Akismet comment spam killer, keep an eye on your akismet folder.

If you have previously commented on my blog and wondered why your comment was not published that may of been the reason. I do apologize.

If you should ever comment on my blog and don’t see your comment within 24 hours, please repost it and contact me through my contact form.

Thank you once again Peri for letting me know.

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