De-lurking Week – January 8-12

Today is the last day of de-lurking week. Many individuals lurk to get a feel for a blog before they comment. Other times lurkers don’t post because they feel those commenting seem to know more about a subject than they do.

If you are lurking at my blog that is a good thing. I’m glad that you find me interesting enough that I’ve not driven you away. I would really like to engage in conversation with you.

Now is the day to show yourself. Please gather up enough courage to say hello. I cannot promise you that none of my readers will bite, however I’m pretty sure they’ve all had their raby shots.

On a serious note, I’m interested in your opinion. Let’s here it. I won’t know who you are or how interesting you are unless you say hello.

In other news Miss Zoot, is doing something for a good cause. Every comment left on her blog on Jan 8 equated in a $1 donation to Wonderful, Wonderful, Camp McDowell.

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