Five things you might not know about me

There is a game of Blog-Tag taking place in the  blogosphere and I’ve not been it yet. Almost every blogger I know has been tagged, but no  one has tagged little old me yet. Isn’t that sad?

Who says you need to be tagged in order to play?

Five things you might not know about me before today.

  1. I’m not an avid reader. I read a great deal online, but you won’t catch me sitting down reading a book.
  2. I went to hairdressing school, but did not finish.
  3. I have a brother that I’ve not talked to in five years and most likely never will again.
  4. I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 19.
  5. I have a birthmark in shape of a V that only shows up on my forehead when I’m sick.

Now I’m suppose to tag five people, but almost everyone in blog land has done this. I have decided that if you are reading this and have not posted five things that we may not know about you on your blog then you can consider yourself now tagged.

Please feel free to say that I tagged you. < Insert evil grin here>

 Now go ahead and tag five people. I hope that you have better luck then I did finding people to tag.

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