Are You Your Own Worst Enemy or Your Own Best Friend

There are a few blogs I visit regularly and today I have decided that I will no longer be visiting those blogs. I have noticed a clique forming in the blogosphere and you are either in or you are out.

It has become some popularity contest and you are either with them or you’re the child in school who never got a Valentine card when the rest of the class did. You’re the one that never got invited to birthday parties. You’re the loner trying hard to fit in.

I’m not in the in-crowd. Should I care? I’m growing rather tired of trying to impress these bloggers. I am whom I am.

Life can be filled with disappointments if we always need to seek the approval of others.

If you’re like me, and you let people get the best of you then take some time today to read my article that I wrote entitled “Are You Your Own Worst Enemy or Your Own Best Friend?”

Not my scene

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