Flash back to the 80’s – Big Hair

I get alot of questions mailed to me. Most of the questions are on the topic of writing or blogging. Today’s Question kind of took me by surprise. Today’s question comes from 16 year old Jennifer and her friends. They want to know how I got my hair so big in the 80’s.

Big Hair

I came to your 1/20/2007 “photo hunt” website because I was doing a google search on ’80s hair’ and ‘big hair’ because a local club is having an 80s night dance and me and my friends are looking for BIG hairstyles and BIG bangs to model our look after. I’m 16 and don’t have a lot of to draw on in this dept! Despite alot of results there aren’t really a lot of photos of this hairstyle (maybe people are too ashamed!!) I’m sending this email to people who have put up “big hair” pictures of themselves in hopes you’ll give us a little help! If you have a couple minutes I’d really appreciate it if you could share some tips getting really huge hair! We came up with a few questions we’re asking:

How long did it take you everyday to get ready?
(I’m so low maintenance I couldn’t even imagine!!)

It took me about an hour or so to get ready each day.

What kind, and how much hairspray did that take?

I used Final Net Hairspray in Extra Hold, aqua net or Tame in extra hold.

Did you have the tallest hair in your school? If not how big was the biggest?

I did not have the biggest hair in school because I was not in school when I wore my hair like that. I did, however, have the biggest hair in the clubs.

Did your hair ‘wilt’ during the day or was it totally stiff from hairspray?

My big hair didn’t wilt during the day, because there was not a lot of humidity and with a lot of hair spray and backcombing it will stay stiff. If I wanted to touch it up I would just tease it more and add more hair spray.

Did this hairstyle have a name or was it just “big hair”?

I don’t think it had a name, we just called it big hair.

How about makeup What went really well with this style?

I used the works, foundation, powder, lipstick and liner, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow.  Blue was a very popular color then.  We used blue mascara on the eyes and red and bright pink on the lips.

My friend Jill (who smokes) wants to know If
with all that hairspray did you ever hear of anyones
hair catching on fire? (She does have a point!!lol)

Good question. I never heard of anyone’s hair catching on fire. My friend Terri had big hair too. She smoked and her hair never caught on fire. I think your friend Jill is safe, but I would not hold a cigarette anywhere near her head.

How did you do it? The pics we’ve seen, 80 hair absolutely defies gravity!

Steps to big Hair

1.  Apply moouse to shampooed hair.

2. Spray your head with hair spray starting at the root.

3. Tip your head upside down, scrunching your hair, begin blow drying. When your hair is almost dry, spray your hair with hairspray and finish blow drying.

4. Once blown dry, curl your bangs back with the curling iron.

5. Spray each curl and then apply heat to them from the blow dryer turned on low.

6. Start teasing each curl with a rat-tail comb. To tease your hair, grab a small section and hold it up by the end. Comb downward with the teasing comb in short fast strokes until it gets tangled at the bottom.

7. Spray your hair some more and apply some heat from the blow dryer to your hair.

Your hair should look really big when finished.

Today, I’m really low maintance. I sport a short hairstyle that does not take much work at all and I only wear makeup on special occasions. Have fun Jennifer.

I think I’ll make this week flash back to you teen years. Won’t you join me? Share photos,  music, stories, trends and fads from your  teen era.  If you wore big hair and are brave enough then share a photo.

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