Opting Out Of 2000 Bloggers

Not to long ago I blogged about the 2000 Blogger Project created by Tino Buntic.

It was Tino Buntic aim to show 2000 bloggers all on one page. The projected started out with photos/links of 300 or so bloggers. The rest of the spots were filled on a sign-up basis.

When I learned that Tino had included me in the project I was flattered. I saw it as a way of networking bloggers together.

It was not long before I started to see an increase in inbound links. I begun to get a little concerned. I never added the code to my blog, instead I linked to the main page of 2000 bloggers.

Though I was seeing an increase in traffic from the project, I was not seeing a network being formed. I mean in my opinion I see no benefit in getting all these inbound links if no one is reading what I blog about.

I also had some concerns with Google thinking it was a link farm. I still do have that concern. I don’t want to see my blog penalized. Can you blame me?

That is why after some consideration, I have requested not to be included in the project and to have my photo and linked removed.

I do not want anyone to think that I disapprove of the project. I think it was a great idea in the beginning and I think it was definitely a creative idea.

I just do not deserve the incoming links to my blog. I would like people to link to my blog because they appreciate my content and because they think that I??m worth linking to. I don’t want anyone to link to me because I was part of this project or any project for that matter.

If you’re one of the 2000 bloggers or if you are considering joining the project, all I ask you is to think about it and ask yourself this: Do you deserve all those inbound links?

Think about it!

Technorati has also voiced some concerns about this too in their post ‘Breaking the Chains.’

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