His Evil Plan: Flu Bug Hits Family

The sound of evil cackling followed by muhahaha comes from my son’s bedroom. Then I hear the voice of my son. “My evil plan has worked.” My son who was off from school for three days is now on the road to recovery while my husband woke up this morning with a frog in his throat.

My dear husband describes the sore throat feeling as having one shove a toilet brush down your throat. Eww!

As or me, my head now feels like a football that has been kicked around a few times and my body aches all over. My son laughs as he says, “I knew if Dad got sick, he would then kiss you and you would eventually get sister sick.” It was all the evil plans of year boy who was hoping to wipe out his entire family with the evil flu bug.

More on this story to follow as I become sicker.

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