Photo Hunt: Old Treasures and Broken Memories

This week’s photo hunt theme is broken. All week I had been thinking about this theme and wondering what I would photograph. Today as I begun to look through the house for things to photograph I wondered how you would photograph a broken heart or a person that was broken.

Old Treasures

Like the clasp on a broach or on a set of pearls, my mother was the only thing that held my brother and I together. When she passed away my brother and I went our separate ways.

The relationship between him and I over the years was like a broken clasp on a set of old pearls, a broach missing stones, an old jewelry box that belonged to my mother that was never fixed. You keep saying you’ll fix these things, but they never get repaired.

The only difference between the jewelry and my relationship with my brother and I is that jewelry can be transformed into exceptional works of art giving it new life where the relationship between him and I will be forever broken.

My brother and I

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