My Mother, My Friend: Old Wives Tales and Lies my Mother Told me

 My Mother My Friend

My mother passed away five years ago. I still think of her often and miss her. She was the first one that I called when something wonderful happened in my life or when I was feeling down and needed someone to talk to. I use to call her every evening just to hear her voice before she went to sleep.

I look in the mirror now and I see her. The lessons that she taught me are now passed on to my son and daughter.

She had several common sayings, that I’ll never forget like
“Scratch your ass and get pleased” and “When it rains, it pours.”

She also told me things that I grew up into an adult believing, like if you write on yourself you would get ink poisoning or not to go swimming for an hour after you eat or you could get cramps and die.

She told me not to cross my eyes or they would get stuck and not to watch tv with the lights off because it wasn’t good for my eyes. She told me coffee would stunt my growth and not to swallow my gum, because it would take 7 years to digest. I still recall her telling my husband not to crack his knuckles, because it would give him arthritis.

I’m sure that many of these old tales were told to her by her mother and I even admit that I’ve told some of them to my children.

What lies did your mother tell you as a child?

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