Defamation -Anonymous and the Unmasked Online Critics

Today’s Woman Writing Community was founded 4 years ago. Sense then Shawn and I have founded three more websites. You would not believe the stuff as adminstrators that we have had to deal with. If we had a dime for every nasty email, rude forum post or blog post that we’ve read where someone attacked us then we would be wealthy. After a while you just learn to ignore it.

Every website, will have unpleased ex-members. It is their right to speak out about the service they received, but it’s not their right to make it personal and attack the website owners.

Defamatory accusations can ruin not only a business or website, but the website owner’s reputation as well.

Defamation can be immensely costly to a business, because the cases are civil, it costs the website owner in the end should they decide to take the individuals to court to sue for damages.

Most website owners decide that it is not worth the headache and close their doors or simply put their websites up for sale.

Such was the case with Linda Wright owner of Writer’s in Touch who considered closing her website after being faced with a banned member who returned to the site and continued to taunt her.

Linda Wright noted, “I’m absolutely tired of dealing with these problems – I’m a computer programmer, not an attendant in a kiddies playground.”

Thought Cafe, closed their doors for the same reason.

Defamation can occur in all sections of the internet. Some individuals will do anything they can think of to ruin a business and website owner’s reputation, from harassment to defamation of character.

Unhappy ex- members will blog about a website. These blogs can often be seen first when a business or website owners name is searched for in search engines. Unhappy members may also target the websites staff, the adminstrator’s family or any one who speaks positive about the website.

Website owners should not have to deal with such harassment, but sadly we do.

One cannot let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Tomorrow is another day and I found where my delete key is.

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