Hooking Up- Casual sex encounters

A book pointing out the bad consequences of casual sex for young women has drawn fire from critics. “In the new book “Unhooked,” Laura Sessions Stepp, a journalist with the Washington Post, frets that casual sexual hookups do damage to young women’s bodies and psyches.”

Is the fact that today’s youth are hooking up an “issue” or a harmless trend?

I realize casual sex encounters happen. It happened in my day and in my Mother’s day as well, but casual sex encounters were at one time a theme of college life and adult life, but now today’s youth in high school are engaging in casual sex encounters.

Hooking up defines sexual relationships for a large percentage of today’s teens.

“Nearly 3 in 10 (27%) thirteen to sixteen year-olds are sexually active and “have been with someone in an intimate or sexual way.”

In high school dating has been replaced with random hookups. Often times the girl does not even know the boy’s last name and vice – versa.

What is it that leads today’s teen into this unhealthy life style?

Even girls in public school are becoming pregnant.

While some teens may realize the consequences of being promiscuous, many teens do not.

Our culture has changed. Sadly, today’s boy girl relationship starts out with casual sex.

What do you think of the common hook-ups of today’s young people?

Before you judge me, I’m not saying that teens should not have sex, but I believe that there should be some meaningful commitment there.

Waiting to hear your views.

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